The Foreign Wives Club

Welcome to the Foreign Wives Club.

What we are

A supportive online community for women of all ages and nationalities in (or previously in) international relationships. Our members live all over the world. We share stories, humour, advice, tips and every so often, meet up. In some pretty amazing places.

What we are NOT: A dating or marriage site. Sorry. Can’t help you guys there.

How to join our online community

1. Send us an email at foreignwivesclub at gmail dot com to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to join. If you already know a member, tell us who she is and how you know her. As well, let us know the username you plan to use when you sign up.

2. At the same time, click on our the Foreign Wives Club Forum and create an account. It will need to be validated by an admin. We will match your email and account information before validating.

Please note, the answer to the question on the registration form:  ‘What does FWC stand for?” is Foreign Wives Club.

3. Once validated, you can read posts, start threads, and join in the conversations. Our language of communication is in English.

4. We reserve the right to refuse a membership.